Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Momma's Internal Clock is OFF!

I'm a known planner!  I thrive on color-coding events in my calendar.  In the kitchen, I have not one but 2 large dry erase calendars posted on the wall.  This allows me to to have command of the the month at hand as well as the one to follow.  However, as my hubby suggested, I might need to pay closer attention to these mainstays - fixtures in my life.

Despite the fact that we have participated in a Five In A Row literacy co-op all year long and I KNOW it starts at 10 a.m., my inner Momma clock has recently programmed a 10:30 a.m. start time in my brain.  Two weeks ago, at 10:20 when I was starting to round the kids up, it dawned on me that we should have been at our group at 10 a.m.  Knowing that by the time we would get there we would have missed a third of the session, I opted to appease my littles with an errand run to Wal-Mart and take-out lunch from Long John Silvers.  I hate that we missed The Story of Ping class - my kids really enjoyed the book.  However, I determined not to let this faux pas happen again.

Ha -  I lacked success in that endeavor.  Again, I had 10:30 a.m. on the brain.  It wasn't until we rolled in the parking lot that I realized all the mini-van's were accounted for minus mine.  Ughhhh.... late again!  Oh well.... we were already there, so in we went!  The kids had missed some flower activities and caught only the tail end of The Story of Ferdinand.  My bunch didn't seem to mind or notice their late arrival and jumped right in to play a bumblebee game, complete a geography activity, learn to draw a cow, discuss the 5 senses, and devour snacks.  Their favorite activity was being blindfolded and trying to guess an item using only their sense of smell.  Caleb actually did very well :-)  Hmmm... wonder if we can train his nose to tell time for Mom.  I've got one more shot this year.  Two weeks from now - please let me remember 10 A.M.

The kids gathered around a blind-folded Caleb wondering what Ms. Maria would have him smell.

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