Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big Prayers - Little Girl

Part of Rachel's Saturday night..."I love my Jesus. I grow, grow, grow and go up to Jesus house and not fall out!"  Oh, how I love this little girl!

When we came home from Ethiopia over a year ago, we taught Jeremiah and Rachel to pray call-and-response style.  Honestly, it really wasn't much different from Caleb's first prayers.  Then, over time, the prayers became their own thoughts.  Mostly, they would thank God for the members of our family. 

It has been such a blessing to hear all three of my children pray autonomously.  You can learn so much from the prayers of little ones.  Caleb prays a lot of prayers of affirmation and adoration.  He recognizes God as Almighty, All-Powerful, and Creator of All Things.  Jeremiah prays with excitement and anticipation.  He prays believing that God can and will do the things he asks.  Often, Rachel's prayers still sound like a recap of her day, but what I like most is the ownership and possessiveness in her prayers.  I love MY Mommy - not just Mommy.  Best of all, I love MY Jesus.  She realizes that while she may not see Jesus - He is her Jesus.  She understands that HE not only loves all the little children of the world.  He LOVES her!  At Easter, she would get sad at prayer time...  I not want My Jesus die on cross.  I'd have to assure her that HER Jesus loved HER enough to do that very thing, but "Hallelujah, HE'S RISEN."

I think you and I could learn a lot from my little girl's big prayers.  I don't just love some historical figure named Jesus.  I love MY Jesus.  I have a personal relationship with My Jesus.  He is My Savior!  

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