Thursday, May 19, 2011

Little Swimmers

The kids have been participating in our local YMCA's HYPE program all year long.  Each Thursday afternoon, they spend a couple hours with other homeschool children swimming, learning a sport, and participating in a fitness class.  The kids have enjoyed these activities so much - especially swimming. 
Jeremiah and Rachel are so much more comfortable in the water.  They can float alone and Jeremiah can swim short distances unassisted.  Rachel hasn't been brave enough to try it on her own yet.  A few weeks ago, Caleb passed a swim test, so now he's been able to spend some time in what he calls the "very, very, VERY deep 10 foot water."

Next week will be the last HYPE of the year, and it will be more of a party/field day event.  So, I finally remembered to bring the camera for the last regular class of the year.  Enjoy pics of my little swimmers!
 Caleb and his teacher taking a swim in the deep end before everyone else arrived.
 Waiting for their YMCA friends and class to begin
 Jeremiah's making a splash!
My littlest cutie in the pool!

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