Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Take This Show on the Road

The Kingdom Kids Bell Choir has performed multiple times for the Graefenburg Christian Church congregation, but it was decided it was time to take the show on the road.  Dismissing our usual Wednesday night Bible Study, our Wednesday night crowd convened at Ashwood Place - a local assisted living complex.  The kids entertained the residents by playing a couple songs from their repertoire.  Actually, due to some technical difficulties, they even ended up playing an encore of Jesus Loves Me.  The kids did a wonderful job and brightened the evening of some sweet people, and Jon closed out with a brief devotion.

Following a performance well-done, the youth budget sprung for an ice cream treat.  By the pictures, you can see it was quite enjoyable.  Well... wearable for certain!  As you can imagine, my three ended up quite sticky in the end.

 Waiting to perform... Is Caleb using his bells as weapons?
Ms. Rita & Ms. Lisa leading the kiddos.



 Look Mom - I'm hanging with the big guys!

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