Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shots Today - Mr. Gatti's & Dollar Tree Take the Pain Away

Doctor's appointments today for Jeremiah and Rachel, and to my surprise, they did a stellar job.  The last time my kiddos got shots all of Frankfort knew about it. Jeremiah was the first to get stuck with the needle while Rachel got to go pick out her sucker and stickers of choice. She returned to the examination room to find big brother with a tear stained cheek and pouty lip.  Jeremiah gladly left the room to collect his stickers and banana split sucker.  Rachel's radar was on and she picked up loud and clear what was about to happen.  She began crying before the shots began and tried to push all away with her hands, but she was no match for Momma's bear hug. There were some tears and a short-lived scream from Miss Rachel, but it was nothing that her unwrapped sucker couldn't cease.

I was so happy to take the kiddos back to our family care provider.  Ms. Tonya is the best as well as the nursing staff and receptionists.  It felt good to have my cuties under their care.  Now for the stats... Jeremiah is now 44 inches tall and 41 pounds, and Rachel is 40 inches tall and 32 pounds.  Wow!!! My babies have grown so much since coming home. 

After being poked and prodded, a treat was in order.  Mr. Gatti's was the winning restaurant.  When asked whether they wanted to play games or get a toy at the Dollar Tree, they unanymously chose TOY!!!!  Mommy cheered for spending $3 instead of $15 on the silly games.  Hmmmm...  I do hope the Dollar Tree's grand splendor doesn't wear off anytime soon. 

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