Wednesday, August 25, 2010

6 Month Post Placement - COMPLETE!

Our original expectation was to have our 6 month post placement visit yesterday evening.  However, we received a call from our social worker yesterday afternoon, and due to an earlier appointment and forgetting the time change, he would be unable to make it.  Crazy KY???  Why is the state in two different time zones?

Thankfully, we were able to reschedule the appointment for 3 p.m. this afternoon.  Therefore, the house was not completely ransacked before Harlan arrived.  Rachel's endearing smile greeted him at the door while the boys were still sacked out in their beds.  We set up shop at the dining room table where I completed a questionairre on Rachel and Harlan asked us general questions regarding the children's health, adjustment, and attachment.  Mid-appointment, Jon actually went and woke the boys from their nap.  Very rarely do we wake a slumbering child, but we need the boys to make an appearance even if they were somewhat groggy.  We completed our paperwork, the boys warmed up and began covering themselves in CARS stickers.  They posed for a "brotherly love" picture and then Rachel gave Harlan one of her best glamour shots.

Yep... two days of cleaning the whole house for a 45 minute appointment that only included walking through one room to sit in another.  Hahaha...  the same as the last one.  One of these days, I just might get brave enough not to go cleaning kamikaze, but for fear that he would want to venture through and explore every nook and cranny that will probably never happen.  Oh well... next and last visit will be in February for our 12 month post placement.

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