Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Campers Go It Alone

I really didn't believe I was a helicopter Mom, but just maybe I lean that way a tad bit.  My kids have been going to Camp Calvary for a few years, but I have always attended with them.  I didn't completely hover... "sometimes" they were on other teams. Ha!

With Eden in the picture now, there was just really no feasible way for me to be at camp and stay in the dorm.  Honestly, I didn't worry (much) about my boys, but I had fears that I'd be getting a phone call to pick up Rachel in the middle of the night Sunday.  Even though my brother was the dean, my sister-in-law would be there, and the boys would be with her, she was definitely hesitant about going "by herself."  A few weeks in advance, we arranged for cousin Allison to go to camp, so she'd have a buddy in the dorm.  Even still, the weekend prior to camp, she was really having a hard time, and there were tears on the drive down. 

Upon arrival Sunday afternoon, I got the boys settled in their dorm.  Bunks made, yet another run through explaining the drill... 1.) Brush teeth, shower, and use deodorant (a new phenomena for the boys) EVERYDAY!  2.) Choose a pre-packed outfit to wear. (Yes, I packed Ziplock bags with shorts, shirt, underwear, and socks.  This ensured they would at least wear clean underwear while away!)3.) Towels, washcloths, water-slide clothes, offering money, Bible - I helped them find where all were located.4.) One last reminder not to drink soda with caffeine at canteen time.Afterwards, they were released to play.  Hmmm... should I add a bit neurotic to the helicopter mom description?

Attention back towards Rachel, she had already had help getting her bunk made.  She scored a top bunk, with Allison, and friend Tori right beside her.  She was also surprised to see her friend/neighbor from Frankfort, Ember, at camp again.  Having these girls there as well as recognizing Ms. Angie from Graefenburg and several of the teen/college faculty from previous camp years, eased her fears.  She went off to play, and I chatted a bit.  Seeing that she was still happy, I made our goodbyes quick and made a swift exit.

Guess what... NO PHONE CALL Sunday night!  Rachel did FABULOUS!  In fact, it was when it was time to come home that the REAL tears fell.  She had such a great time that she did not want to leave the camp or the friends and family she loves!

On the 3 hour trip home, the kiddos shared about their week.  They sang new songs they learned and recited memory verses.  They recounted Bible lessons about Peter walking on the water, Samson, Moses, and the Ten Plagues in Egypt.  I heard about the waterslide, the wagon ride, the nature hike, carpet ball, Red Rover, and faculty members being thrown in the pond because the campers reached their missions offering goal.  I saw their crafts, new t-shirts, and pictures.  They spoke of new friends and the cool faculty members.  The list goes on and on... well until fatigue set in and they zonked out in the van.  Fear not though, they recounted it all again for Daddy when they got home.

I'm so grateful for Camp Calvary.  I have such wonderful memories as a camper, faculty member, and dean.  It truly is a special place where one can connect with Christ and His followers and experience amazing spiritual growth.  I'm thankful that my parents always made it possible for me to attend, and I'm thrilled that my children have the same opportunity.  The camp season is just getting started!  There is still at least one option left for every age camper.  Check it out!

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