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Math Mammoth (Review)

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When given the opportunity to review Math Mammoth products, I already knew I was a fan!  During a previous review period, I was completely won over by the excellent level of customer service and personal attention I received from Maria Miller.  In a past review, I used materials from the Light Blue series, so this time I chose to have my children work in titles from the Blue series.

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Ms. Miller generously allowed us to review four titles from the Blue series.  The books in the Blue Series cover elementary math topics suitable for grades 1-6.  (You can see the suggested study order for the books.) These are worktexts (explanations of concepts and lots of varied problems) on specific topics.  Basically, the books within the blue series serve as both textbook and workbook.  Because the blue series is topical in nature, it is not intended to be a complete curriculum.  Instead, it should be used as a supplement to another math curriculum, remediation material, and/or content review. 

I am very happy with my children's current math program.  Although being that it is spiral in nature, they are often introduced to subjects and mastery doesn't come until much later.  So for my kids, I selected topics that I felt they could use some remediation/review in, and hopefully they will move toward mastery.  All could brush up on their money and clock skills.  Then, since the boys began multiplication this year, they could definitely benefit from more practice.  And why oh why are fractions such a beast???

Math Mammoth Clock workbook cover

Math Mammoth Clock
grades 1-3
78 pages
Sample pages
PDF download: $4.00
Black & White Printed copy: $10.85

Rachel spent time practicing reading the clock to the hour and half hour.  The boys worked at reading by 5 minute increments.  In order to utilize this program, you will need a practice clock with movable hands.  You could use an old alarm clock, find a practice clock in education sections at a local store, or you could be resourceful and create your own.

Math Mammoth Money workbook cover

Math Mammoth Money
grades 1-3
51 pages
Sample pages
PDF download: $3.25
Black & White Printed copy: $9.50

Rachel continued to work with coin name and value recognition, but the boys focused on making change.  While there are picture representations within the text, it is recommended to manipulate real money for a lasting impression.

Math Mammoth Multiplication 1 math book cover

Math Mammoth Multiplication 1
grades 2-3
99 pages
Sample pages
PDF download: $5.00
Black & White Printed copy: $9.20

Only my boys used this product.  No way to avoid it, multiplication involves straight memorization.  Not a bad thing, but this book gave specific strategies for oral drilling that proved extremely helpful.  Memorizing the skip patterns was also stressed!

Math Mammoth Introduction to Fractions book cover

Math Mammoth Introduction to Fractions
grades 1-4 (predominantly grades 3-4)
100 pages
Sample pages
PDF download: $4.00
Black & White Printed copy: $10.50

This worktext proved somewhat tough for the boys.  After the fact, I realized that the majority of the concepts were geared toward 3-4 graders.  That explains why the boys only completed the first lessons.  I'll definitely keep this PDF tucked away for future use!

One important thing I want to highlight - because we reviewed the downloadable PDF versions, I was able to operate as an ink-saving Momma.  If the page was predominantly text and explanation, I did not print it.  Instead, I had the child in front of the computer screen.  Always for Rachel, I printed the actual pages that had problems to solve.  For the boys, I printed pages that would require paper/pencil computation... think "show your work" types of tasks.  Then, for pages that had problems that could be figured out in their head ("mental math"), I chose to take advantage of the enabled annotation.  Yes, this means that the boys were able to input answers using the computer keyboard.  This is done by utilizing the typewriter and drawing tools available in Acrobat Reader version 9.  With this feature in place, your student could actually complete their math lesson on a tablet or device by simply using a PDF app.

In my opinion, Math Mammoth works as a great supplement for remediation and review in our family.  However, I know other families use Math Mammoth as their sole math curriculum.  Be sure and read what other crew members are saying!  Because of the unique make-up of each crew family, you will find reviews reviews representing Math Mammoth's various product lines including the:  Light Blue series, Blue series, Golden series, Green series, and Real-Life Math series.  I'm confident you will find many helpful reviews.


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