Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Both Ends Burning is an organization that promotes adoption as one solution for children without parents.  It exists to create a culture of adoption and to help facilitate change in the current system. 

BEB has produced an award-winning documentary film.  STUCK follows three families through the process of adopting from Ethiopia, Vietnam, and Haiti and highlights the challenges they face.

Every Child Deserves A Family!  Both Ends Burning is taking that message on the road with the STUCK tour.  Be sure and check the Tour Itinerary to see if it will be in a city near you.  Also, consider serving as a volunteer.  There are many capacities in which you can serve. 

I know I'm excited that the tour is making a stop in Nashville, Thursday, April 18th.  Also, there will be a viewing of the film at Summit 9.  Not familiar with CAFO's Summit....  then you definitely need to check out the website too.  (Thrilled to have it taking place in my own backyard this year as well!)

Check out the movie trailer! 




Wendy62 said...

Thanks for sharing; I'll have to look in to this. :-)

Angie Schott said...

I hadn't heard of this. Definitely interesting! I hope someday that international adoption is made less difficult. I'll be watching out for The film in my area and looking more into it.