Monday, February 18, 2013

Simple Chore Chart

I've reviewed elaborate chore systems, and we've given several different ideas a try.  Then, with the holidays, Eden's birth, and assimilation to life as a family of 6 in general, we became very lax with chores and allowance fell by the wayside.  Since Jon and I feel it is important for the kids to have responsibilities and to learn the value of money, we felt the need to get back to chores again.  As I was feeding Eden in the wee hours of the morning, it dawned on me to try a simple sticker incentive chart.  After a week, it has proven successful and beneficial. 
Chores for the week if completed correctly and with a good attitude are worth $2.  Everyday, the kids are responsible for making their beds, keeping their rooms clean, and putting away clean clothes.  Then, there are three rotating chores.  For this week, Rachel was in charge of kitchen clean-up... wiping off the table and sweeping under the table.  Caleb had the upstairs bathroom detail including taking out trash, stocking toilet paper, and cleaning the countertop, toilet, and sink.  Jeremiah had downstairs bathroom detail as well as feeding and cleaning up after the cat. 
Because we've been struggling with tears and/or a lack of focus during school time, I felt it would be wise to include it on our chart.  So Monday - Friday, the kids are responsible for doing their best in school with positive attitudes and no tears.  If they earn stickers for behavior and school all week long, they are able to earn an additional $1.
It's not elaborate nor any stroke of genius.  However, it has now been tested and tried, and it works for us!  Hallelujah for tearless school days and some accountability with our reinstatement of chores.  

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