Friday, February 8, 2013

Change the Story

Compassion: Change the Story is a traveling, interactive display that allows people to experience the reality of children living in poverty.  Thankfully, the story doesn't end there.... it changes!  Event attenders are able to see the transformation that takes place through child sponsorship.  Even more amazing, the story not only changes for the individual child, but often for his family, community, and the sponsor family as well. 

Change the Story came to a church in Nashville, so along with friends, the kids and I attended.  We pulled into the parking lot where we saw a tent and tractor trailer truck parked and waiting for us.  Once inside the Compassion volunteers got us outfitted in our headphones and ipods, so we'd be able to walk through the truck/small rooms representing the individual stories. We had the choice of experiencing one or all of the three stories.  Due to the content (stories of abuse, alcoholism, etc.), we opted for Brinda's story. 

Brinda was a young girl in India who did not believe in Jesus.  We began our journey with her in her home.  We traveled with her through her childhood to her school, the hospital, saw her correspondences with her sponsor, and saw the impact that gentleman had on her life, family, and community.   Originally, Brinda was Hindu.  However, through the sponsorship program not only did her quality of life improve and she was afforded the opportunity to receive an education, but her family came to know Christ. 

If you are not familiar with Compassion International, I'd encourage you to get to know this organization.  Through sponsorship, you can CHANGE THE STORY of a young boy or girl.  The impact your monthly contribution has on the life of a child truly has eternal implications. 

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