Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Magic Treehouse Live

It turned out to be a steamy spring day... 80 degrees, Wow!  Our park play & picnic with friends was cut short because the kids were got too hot.  We loaded up the smelly, sweaty mess of kidlets and headed to Joseph Beth Booksellers a tad bit early.  Thankfully, we did because the Magic Treehouse Live Express Tour drew a big crowd.  Even still, our kiddos were able to stake and claim front row seats on the floor.  Following the performance, we purchased 3 new Magic Treehouse books to add to our collection.  While we opted not to wait in the crazy, long line to have Jack & Annie stamp our books, the kids thought it was pretty cool to get to see them! 

You can follow along with Jack & Annie on the Magic Treehouse On Stage FB page.  Also, Magic Treehouse: The Musical is in the works.  Orginally, it was to open in the fall, but it seems that is no longer the case.  While we wait, we'll just keep reading books in the series. 

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