Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beaky Birds

In contrast to the 80 degree shorts and t-shirts weather on Tuesday, we donned our pants, long-sleeve tees, and even grabbed jackets for another picnic with our friends.  The game farm is a favorite spot to meet year round.  Following lunch, we fed the geese, looked around inside the Salato Wildlife Center, and headed outdoors for an educational program.

The topic for the day was "Beaky Birds."  Caleb correctly identified the Great Horned Owl who was perched for most of the presentation.  The kids listened to the presenter, answered questions, and got to touch-and-feel an eagle feather, skull, talon, replica egg, etc.  They enjoyed seeing the owl, but the highlight was seeing the Red-Tailed Hawk training to fly outdoors.  He took two successful flights before the program concluded.

The day ended with a stroll around the path to view the animals.  The black bear was actually outside.  He's a fave, but he isn't always one to be on display and is often hiding away.  An eagle, buffaloes, elk, fish, a wildcat, turkeys, and deer all call Salato home.  We're blessed to have this great FREE educational resource close by!  A day at the "little zoo" (as the kids call it) is always fun. 

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