Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kite Capers DNG Review

Caleb:  Mom, what's a caper?
Jeremiah:  A cape... Superman has a cape.
Rachel: J'miah - you Superman!!!  You fly!
Jeremiah:  I'm not Superman!  That was costume for "Trick-or-Treat-Thank-You!"
Caleb: Is a Caper a Cape?
Jeremiah:  Mom, where's my Superman cape?
Rachel:  Play Dress-UP!!!
Caleb:  I'm Buzz Lightyear!

And that was the beginning of our Kite Capers DNG!!!  I don't think Amanda Bennett had dress-up in mind when she developed this unit, but then again, her fantastic studies always spark creativity in my kiddos.  Amanda, don't worry!!!  We discovered the meaning of the word caper and even decided that it would be a fitting description of my fabulous three... a hop, a frolic!  If I haven't mentioned before, the DNG series really is vocabulary rich.  My two little English Language Learners glean so much from the experiences and discussions we hold, and Mr. Caleb is adding new words to the impressive linguistic arsenal he already commands.

(I was provided with a complimentary copy of this product.  The honest opinions expressed in this reveiw are mind and not influenced by the company.)

Utilizing family-friendly, hands-on activities, interactive websites, entertaining video clips, vivid graphics, and lapbooking elements, the Kite Capers DNG capitalizes on K-4 students enthusiasm and energy! Undoubtedly, it propels learning and sends children soaring to monumental new heights.
My children learned science while studying weather and the effects of wind.  Through kite safety lessons, they were able to address practical living and health issues.  In the social studies arena, key historical figures, including Benjamin Franklin, were highlighted and various cultures, such as China, were featured.  In addition, the mapping activities boost geography skills. 

An overview of the week and sample activitiy pages follow:
Day 1: What Is a Kite?
Day 2: The History of Kites
Day 3: Kite People and Places
Day 4: Science Secrets of Kites
Day 5: Goodies and Gadgets of Kites

A funny observation...  If a kite does not appear in a perfect, geometrical, diamond shape complete with a tail sporting three bows, it's legitimacy is questioned by little ones.  I suppose all of our PreK "K is for Kite" material has conditioned them, but with Kite Capers they were able to expand their understanding.  We looked at books, pictures, videos, and websites and learned about the Delta, Sled, Box, and Winged Box kites.

I highly recommend this study!  Today, we officially ushered in the start of spring.  What child wouldn't want to be outdoors flying a kite soaking in the warmth of the sun and the glow of new knowledge?  Not only is Kite Capers an educational gem, it is an opportunity for family-building and great memory making.  For that reason alone, it is easily worth the $7.95 investment.  A cost-conscious Momma, one reason I love DNG's - they are perfect for our budget!!!!  Need a little extra convincing...
definitely, check out what other homeschooling Momma's are saying on the Kite Capers DNG Blog Tour

An additional note: 
This study was perfect for our family as we will be gearing up for Georgetown's International Kite and Culture Festival in mid-April.  While there isn't a lot of information posted yet, Kentucky families keep an eye on the website.  In the not to distant future, the schedule, list of main events, and vendors will be posted.  Be sure and add it to your calendar... can't beat educational, frugal, family fun!

In the years we've been attending, we've witnessed martial arts demonstration, Japanese kite-building, African drum ensembles, taiko drumming, ethnic dances, etc.  The kids enjoy the inflatables, the arts-and-crafts activities, and flying kites.  I enjoy the food :-)  Somewhat comical, I actually remember a Facebook status I posted while at the festival.  We had only been home with Jeremiah and Rachel for a couple months, so it was something like:  Love that we are a family of 5!!!  Our two Ethiopian cuties are at a Japanese kite festival, eating churros, watching Chinese/Taiwanese dancing.  Aren't cultural celebrations awesome?!!!

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