Tuesday, October 26, 2010

They all SHOT up!

Marathon appointments at the doctor's office today!  That's right, I scheduled three appointments back-to-back, but I brought reinforcements.  Hooray for Daddy!!!!  When the nurse called Wells, all 5 of us followed.  After weighing the three little ones and checking their height, we camped out in the examination room.  Tonya gave them all a good check-up and 2 of the 3 actually ended up needing antibiotics....  those blasted ears!

The crazy thing is how tall my babies are getting.  My 5 year old is 48 1/2 inches tall!  REALLY???  Combine that number with his size 1 shoe, and no wonder people look at me strange when I assure him that he is only 5 and actually not the oldest child.  Not to worry though, since August, Jeremiah has grown another 2 inches.  He's catching up, but it is Miss Rachel that has really shot up.  She has also grown a couple inches since August and is now in the 77% for height.  Growing, growing, growing!

Unfortunately, Jeremiah and Rachel did have to get 4 shots each, but the good news is that now they are officially caught up on all of their immunizations.  In fact, no one in the Wells household is slated for shots again until 2017.  We all say, "HOORAY!" to tidbit of information!

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