Sunday, October 10, 2010

FIAR: Papa Piccolo

As part of our Five in a Row studies, this past week, we read through Carol Talley's Papa Piccolo.  This was a wonderful story!  Set in Venice, Italy, we had some great geography lessons and now have somewhat of an obsession with gondolas.  After our co-op met on Wednesday, the kids were crawling around the house "meowing" and hopping on and off the furniture (aka: their gondolas).  While not the best thing to promote the long life of my couches, I have to admite it was very cute.  Also, I love seeing them excited about what they are learning.  I know it is sinking in when they PLAY what we are studying.

REGATTA!!!  The co-op kids are proudly displaying their Italian flags and boats.

My 3 cuties are so proud of their gondolas (folded paper boats Mom found online) and flags!

Can't beat school in jammies :-)  Kids working on their Papa Piccolo lapbook components.

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