Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Positively Positive!!!

Monday, my hubby worked a long day and had a meeting to attend in the evening.  We decided to "cash in" two of the CHILI'S free kids meal coupons we scored Friday night at the zoo.  While there we got the royal treatment.  Our waitress was extremely on top of things...  attentive would be an understatement.  At first, Jon and I said, "Wow, she's laying it on thick!  Really working hard for the tip!"  She went above and beyond our expectations, was extremely thoughtful, and showed many kindnesses toward our children.  Then, it registered.... she was totally enamored with our cuties and a wee bit curious.  Finally, she came out and asked what was on her mind.  We were able to again share the beauty of adoption, and as she put it, she got "Chills!"  One of my all time favorite things to do is talk adoption...  it is not something that WE HAVE done.  It is what GOD has done, and we thank him for it everyday.  Look at these beauties....  brotherly and sisterly love! 

Without a shadow of a doubt, our transition home has been a positive one.  Over the past almost 8 months, our trans-racial family has been received well and embraced by our families, church, and community.  A few possibly "inappropriate" comments might have been made.  However, I truly believe they were not said maliciously but rather just out of ignorance.  I was not offended nor upset.  I considered the source, answered in an appropriate manner, and moved on. 

Thankfully, we have been protected and sheltered from some of the hardships other adoptive families have faced.  Their hearts have been pricked and even pierced by words spoken from others.  For us, any racism, stereotypes, and prejudices within our circles of influence, while I'm sure in some cases still exist, have been replaced with two precious Ethiopian faces.  While I know we won't always be shielded, I don't neglect to thank God for the kindness, affirmation, and outpouring of love our family and precious children have received to date.  I continue to pray as I have been for some time that in a negative situation that God gives me His words, so that I may respond in a manner pleasing to HIM.  I pray that in all cases I may protect my children, educate others, celebrate the beauty in diversity, and most of all point others to the Father to the fatherless who has lovingly and graciously adopted each of us as HIS own!

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