Monday, October 11, 2010

VeggieTales - LIVE!!!!

VeggieTales - LIVE!!!!  This concept was totally foreign to Jeremiah and Rachel.  I kept trying to explain to them what we were going to see, but in their minds, only a movie registered.  Since Caleb has been to Diego Live! and Disney on Ice before, he had more of a frame of reference and could envision it. 

Friday afternoon, we loaded the van - minus Daddy who was working - and made our way to Southeast Christian Church.  After a potty stop and a quick run through the merchandise section (quick because Mommy wasn't buying!), we met our friends the Vaught's.  We made our way to our seats...  floor, center, Row R.  I was very pleased considering we just got our seats the week prior.  There were VeggieTales cartoons and trivia playing on the screens thus confirming Jeremiah's concept of the show in his mind.  

After announcements were made, the lights dimmed, the theme song began, and the Veggies appeared.  Jeremiah and Rachel's eyes were HUGE, and Jeremiah whispered, "WOW - BIG!!!!"  It was so precious.  Bob, Larry, and the gang performed some of our all-time favorite silly songs, “His Cheeseburger,” “I Love My Lips,” “Oh, Where is My Hairbrush,” “The Water Buffalo Song,” and Mommy's fave "BELLYBUTTON!" And if that wasn't enough, there was bonus fun for all the mommies in the audience... throwback 80's music Veggie Style.  Gretchen and I enjoyed a good laugh at "Gourds Just Want to Have Fun."  Legwarmers, side ponytails, and all :) 

Of course, in true VeggieTale fashion, we walked away with a lesson in sharing!  Fun was had by all...  we'd love to see the Veggies Live again.  Next time, we'll be sure to bring Daddy!


Teresa Choplin said...

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Mellisa said...

How fun! I had no idea they had Veggie Tales LIVE! Thanks for stopping by the Cornucopia of Blog Hop! I am now following you back!


D and A said...

COOL! My youngest would love going to see the Veggies in "real" life. :)

Amy @ Missional Mama