Friday, September 6, 2013

A Child's Geography Vol. 3 (Review, Giveaway, & MEGA-GIVEAWAY!)

Maps, timelines, biographies, apps, history and geography texts - Knowledge Quest is a one stop shop!  This wonderful company is well-known for quality materials.  Most recently, my family was blessed to review A Child's Geography Volume III:  Explore the Classical World.

Author:  Terri Johnson
Price of Physical Product:  $34.95
Price of e-book:  $24.95
Age Range: Grades 1-6
Within the book's 224 pages, your family will embark on an amazing journey through The Classical World.  There are 15 chapters loaded with interesting text and stunning photographs.  Readers explore 12 countries all located around the Mediterranean Sea: Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Servia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, San Marino, the Vatican, and Malta. 
If this is unfamiliar territory, fear not.  You will not have to play tour guide or expert historian for your children.  Author, Terri Johnson, writes in a wonderful, conversational voice and speaks directly to the elementary student.  This truly is a LIVING book!  Literally, it is as if she is holding your children's hands and leading them through the country.  She is kind enough to make note of the terrain, introduce the local people, share important history, make cultural connections, and show the traveler a good time. 
While the reading is entertaining, there are measures to ensure that children are learning and retaining the new information.  New terminology is boldfaced and have pronunciations.  Full definitions can be found in the extensive glossary.  Throughout the text, there are suggestions for narration.  This allows Mom & Dad to check for understanding.  There are also opportunities to respond to questions and prompts in a field guide/journal.   
Additionally, there are extra activities are located on the CD-ROM in the back of your book or separate files if using the e-book format.  These goodies include: chapter timelines, suggestions for map labeling, hands-on activities, crafts, and recipes, recommended reading lists, and a prayer guide. 
Being that we had not started our formal school year at the beginning of our review period, I opted for us to use this resource in a very relaxed manner.  We read the text together and discussed our reading.  We've been doing a lot of traveling as of late, so the ease of the e-book format proved to be a tremendous help to us.  After working through the first few chapters, we each have our favorite features:
  • Jeremiah - pictures of the houses and buildings
  • Caleb - the frequent mentions and pictures of native wildlife
  • Rachel - even though we didn't tackle any recipes on our own, my little "foodie" loves learning about the various cuisine
  • Mom - the prayer guide
Honestly, I've been dubbed "geographically challenged" and history was never my favorite subject in school.  However, even I found this study interesting.  I appreciated that the material was presented from a Christian worldview, and the inclusion of the optional prayer guide was by far my favorite thing.  After reading the chapters together in the book, I could then reference the prayer guide and share with the children specific ways we could pray for the now familiar people and places. 
Our family has enjoyed our journey through the Classical World together as we turned finger swiped each digital page.  I anticipate more great times of exploration as we complete this curriculum.  As the busy summer comes to a close and we look to get settled after another move, I look forward to digging deeper into the remaining chapters and many "extras" included with this book. 
Are you now considering some geography study/world travel for your homeschool family?  As always, before purchasing, I encourage you to try the product with your family to ensure it will fit your homeschool style and needs.  Knowledge Quest commendably allows you to download chapters 1-3 completely free.  This is a wonderful sampling, and you will get a good feel for the layout and tone of the entire book.  
Knowledge Quest is generously offering a free digital edition of A Child's Geography Volume III:  Explore the Classical World to one of my readers!  Yippee!!!  Enter below and you can enjoy this wonderful resource with your family.

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As if the A Child's Geography Volume III:  Explore the Classical World giveaway wasn't fabulous enough, Knowledge Quest is hosting a MEGA-Homeschool Giveaway valued at $650+.  You don't want to miss out on the opportunity to win.  Enter below!

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Becky Milstead said...

I do actually like to teach Geography which I find humorous because I remember not liking it when I was a child.

TZel said...

I really do love to teach these subjects because it is possible, through discussion and great publications, to inject real meaning and enjoyment into their study. Thanks for your giveaway!
tricia z
reading1051 at yahoo dot com

Jessica said...

I enjoy teaching history and geography, but not math and science.

teeniebeenie6 said...

I really like teaching history but am not as excited about teaching geography. Thanks for the giveaway!

Karolyn said...

I love teaching history and geography.

Mary in So.Cal. said...

I love teaching history and Knowledge Quest makes it easy to teach geography, so now I love that too!

Riggins Family Blog said...

I enjoy learning about both but I don't know how good of a teacher I am.

Anna said...

Yes, I really enjoy teaching them.

jbravo said...

I love geography and history but we just started homeschooling this year so I'm not sure how good I'll be at teaching them

judi said...

I love teaching history. I'm not so sure about Geography.