Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Play Date & A Play

I can't believe I forgot the camera and didn't even grab my iPhone, but I have no pics of the kiddos playdate on Monday.  Even though you can't see for yourselves, I can assure you that they had an excellent time.  We met the Vaught gals, Kelsey, and her Grampy, Ya-Ya, and Aunt Jane at KidsPlace.  The kiddos climbed, slid, bounced, and had a blast. 

Working up quite at appetite, we hit CiCi's Pizza Buffet.  Kiddos loaded up on veggies and ranch, cheese and pepperoni pizza, and the Macaroni and Cheese pizza.  Of course, brownies and cinnamon rolls topped off our meal.  A delicious deal all the way around... this playdate & lunch cost us $22 total :-)  See... I am getting more coupon saavy!

Following Monday's playdate, it was fitting that on Tuesday we saw a play.  This was another first for my kiddos.  We joined others from our M-I-N-D Homeschool Group at the Lexington Children's Theater to see a production of "Cows Don't Fly and Other Known Facts." 

Jeremiah especially was having a hard time comprehending that we weren't going to see a movie...  the concept of live actors was lost on him.  However, once the show started, he loved "George - the pig."  He would just cackle.  Caleb was completely engrossed.  At first, I was afraid he wasn't feeling well because he was so stoic.  I later realized that he was so intent on not missing a thing.  He's crack a smile, but his eyes darted from character to character as not to miss any of the action.  Rachel enjoyed the characters' singing and the comical dancing of Gertrude the cow.

I believe our theater experience was very positive.  I've ALWAYS been a fan of LCT.  They perform such quality, enjoyable shows.  I look forward to taking my little ones again in the future.

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