Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fine Arts Pages - Review & GIVEAWAY!

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Thinking back upon my elementary education, I have to admit there are few memories of my art classes.  Actually, I must admit I didn't care much for the teacher and along with the other kids I called her Ms. Duty behind her back (which in my lame defense at least sounded similar to her actual name).  I vaguely recall attempting to draw a bowl of fruit with the charcoal pencil, but I used the gummy eraser more than anything and ended up with holes in my paper.  The only fun project that stands out in my mind was coloring a paper, painting it with black Tempera paint, and scratching designs in it with a paperclip.  No matter what piece of art we created, Ms. Duty (oops... there I go again) insisted we "seal" it.  Thus, she was always armed and ready with a large aerosol can of AquaNet... the same one I assumed she used to keep her large helmet hairstyle in place. 

As sketchy as my memory is of our elementary art projects, I have absolutely no recollection of art history or art appreciation.  In all honesty, it wasn't until my first MUSIC teaching job proved to be a HUMANITIES job that I actually learned a few artists and their most famous works.  Then, thanks to my kids brief infatuation with Disney's Little Einsteins I tucked a few more away in the brain for safe keeping.

One of the reasons I'm homeschooling my children is that I want better experiences for them.  I may or may not have a budding artist among them, but they all can come to appreciate art and beauty.  After all, God is Creator! We are His images, and we are surrounded by masterpieces.

Now, the big questions?  How does a novice in art appreciation teach her children?  Where would I look for materials? And for goodness sake, where on Earth will this subject fit in our already super busy homeschooling, field trips, and activities schedule?  Cue entrance:  Erica Johns at Classical Composers Monthly has the answers... FINE ARTS PAGES.

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Fine Arts Pages introduces 25 famous works in somewhat of mini-poster/highlights approach.  Each page depicts the artwork at the top and then notes a few snippets of basic information below.  There are facts about the artist, when the piece was created, what medium was used, where it can be seen now, and a fun fact.

These posters are so versatile.  They can be hung throughout the house for all to enjoy and soak in throughout day to day living.  They can be great discussion starters in regards to elements of art (color, shape, etc.) or life in general (people, places, etc.)  Actually, if there is a print that really strikes one's fancy, the poster can actually serve as a springboard for an in-depth study of an artist, medium, technique... the possibilities are endless.

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Jamie said...

About 5 out of 10. I try to teach art appreciation but I'm not sure how successful I am.

K. Parker said...

Hmmm, probably a 4.

Katrina T said...

Maybe a 5. I really like artistic subjects but I don't really know how to teach it. Or where to start.

Thrift Schooling said...

Probably 6- I enjoy it but need to brush up on my knowledge, it's been a while!

Lisa McClanahan said...

I think a 5.

LaughingLioness said...

About a 5 ; )

Under the Sky said...

I am not sure if this will post twice, but I am very comfortable teaching art history. I have done it in our co-op for years and I love it. I have done most of the research myself though so that is why this product appeals to me! Thanks for hosting!


Under the Sky said...

Oops! I meant to write a 9. :D


Meg Falciani said...

Around a 9. I had two art history classes in college. I didn't do so hot with the first one and the second one showed me why. One was "memorize this image and tell me fact about it" and the other was "This is the image, look at the color/light/movement/etc. and tell me about it." It's much easier to appreciate (and recall!) things when you can make a connection. Definitely the plan I'm taking when teaching my kids!

Karyn Tripp said...

maybe an 8... I love & appreciate art myself, but am never quite sure if I am teaching it well.

The Happy Homeschool Mom said...

I would say an 8.

Susan said...

I would say "5". It's not so much that I lack confidence, but that I lack getting it done. ;)