Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Days Begin

It seems like it has snuck up on us, but December is here!  I look forward to snuggling up with my little ones to read Christmas stories or catch the timeless classics on tv.  I enjoy the yummy holiday treats and fun crafts with the kidlets that December days bring.  Most of all, the wonder and awe of the season stems from the remembrance of our Savior's birth.  I never tire of sharing this story with my little ones.

In fact, Monday and Tuesday, I read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever to the kiddos in preparation for us to see a performance on Wednesday.  The kids were excited to see their friends Rebecca and Libby on stage, and just couldn't get over the fact that sweet Rebecca was playing Gladys - the meanest Herdman of them all.  I just love this story of the Herdman's and how they embraced the Christmas story and in turn taught others not to become complacent but rather to allow the account of Jesus' birth to penetrate the heart. 

So... Nov. 30th actually set the stage for our first December Day.  It turned out to be a DRASTIC day!  Huh?  Well, our new homeschool co-op, DRASTIC, had it's first get together December 1st.  Rather than beginning classes immediately, the 8 families shared a finger-food, potluck lunch and collected money to shop for Angel Tree kiddos.  The generosity of the families allowed 5 needy children to be selected from the tree and provided with gifts to meet their wants and needs. 

Several of the parents and older kids took care of the shopping while the little ones got to stay and play, but as soon as the shoppers returned, my kiddos became wrapping extraordinaires.  They had such fun cutting paper, wrapping, and taping.  It was a sweet, collective effort, and nothing thrills me more than seeing my little ones excited about serving others.

After our fun times with our homeschool friends off to Lexington we went.  We grabbed a snack, did a little Christmas shopping, and headed to our amazing adoption support group at church.  The kids as usual LOVED playing with their buddies, Mommy got to see her friends, and I had the chance to meet a new couple and answer a lot of their questions about Ethiopian adoption.  Then, the spirit of giving continued because our group is helping to provide Christmas for a couple kids currently in foster care.  The Wells contribution - some nice warm jammies for two of God's precious children.

As far as December days go, I'd say we had a fantastic start!  Tis' the season... stay tuned :0)

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