Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Valentine's Day TOMS

10 Days Late... yep, that's on par for me as of late.  Anyway, my sweet hubby, affectionately referred to as BOY, got me TOMS for my birthday.  I have been eyeing these shoes for some time now.  There has been an Ethiopia and an Africa specific pair.  "Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda!"  I always said I'd get a pair and then never got around to it.  BOY is making sure I actually get around to it this time...  I opted for a plain shoe - the canvas in ash gray.  I figure it is universal, so I can wear these shoes with most anything.

When we were in Ethiopia, we traveled out of Addis Ababa to meet our children's birthfather - or First Daddy, as we refer to him.  We met him halfway as the distance to his hometown was far to great for the AWAA staff and the time constraints of our trip.  The city we met in was a city that I recall seeing on the news receiving a TOMS shoe drop.  When seeing the conditions, it made perfect sense why it would be a drop spot.

I'm glad to have a small part in helping a child in need.  Ultimately, it boils down to I WANT these shoes and someone else NEEDS these shoes.  It's not often that wants and needs collide, but TOMS is literally meeting needs daily with the One for One campaign.  The next time you are shoe shopping, I hope you consider TOMS.  

TOMS will give 1 Pair of Shoes thanks to you!

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