Thursday, July 29, 2010

Taking My Zoo to the ZOO, ZOO, ZOO!

I definitely have a wild and crazy bunch! After sticking somewhat close to home, we decided to venture out a little more in Week 3. Mind you since Rachel was still a less than stellar night sleeper, we all remained exhausted!!!!

Sunday morning had us at church and then out to eat with my parents and Matthew and Megan. Then, Monday, we headed out for some real adventure – the ZOO!!! The kiddos seemed to enjoy themselves and my Ethiopian cuties got excited when they saw some animals they recognized. Wonder what they thought of caged animals???  I know what they thought of the carousel - LOVED IT!!!!  Most importantly, we experienced a HUGE breakthrough while at the zoo… Daddy got to hold his baby girl! That’s right! Little Miss Priss wanted to see the rhino and this tired Momma refused to lift her. She had a dilemma… let the big, scary Daddy actually hold her or miss out on what the boys were seeing. She went with Daddy, and the bonding began. Believe it or not, he was able to hold her several times during this outing, and I have the pics to prove it. All still somewhat reluctant and reserved on Rachel’s part, but definitely a happy moment for Daddy (and Mommy too!)

Tuesday's outing was not met with the same excitement, doctor appointment day... YUCK!!!  After our experience with Rachel at UK, we opted not to use KY's International Adoption Doctor.  Instead, we sought out a pediatrician rather than our usual family physician.  Unfortunately, we were equally displeased with this experience.  UGHHHH... it really shouldn't be this hard.  Anyway, after what seemed like forever waiting for the doctor to fingerpeck every bit of information into his laptop, our kiddos got shot, after shot, after shot.  It was NOT pleasant!  All of Frankfort could probably hear the wailing...  poor babies!

The rest of the week kept us at home but we had lots of visitors.  More of our SCC adoption group peeps brought delicious food and treats.  Much thanks to Sam Tucker, the Kitzman's, and Haraldson's.  My co-workers, Denise and Stacy, visited on Friday afternoon and brought a surprise.  Stacy had all of the kids at school make cards for Jeremiah and Rachel.  Some were so sweet...  just like my students and of course, Stacy for coming up with the idea.  Uncle Adam and Auntie Val came Friday night, and we had lots of fun playing.

Our last roadtrip for the week was actually the longest car trip the kids had taken to date....  a whopping hour and fifteen minutes.  We went to visit Mama Spaulding and my parents.  My Ethiopian cuties have really warmed up to the family and of course, we are all absolutely enamored and in love with them!!!!

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