Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm Back

Finally....  after a 5 month blogging hiatus, I have the itch to write (blog) again.  Shouts of joy, right???  Well, for those of you who followed every minute detail I chronicled in regards to our adoption journey, you may have missed the Wells family.  For those of you who have NO IDEA who we are, here goes....

We are the WELLS....  Daddy Jon and  Momma Angela and our three lively little ones.  February 21, 2010, we brought our two Ethiopian cuties, Jeremiah (5 years old) and Rachel (3 years old), home to join their brother, our sweet son Caleb (4 years old).  We have spent the past five months loving, adjusting, attaching, trusting, learning, growing, getting to know, crying, belly-laughing, praying, rejoicing, mourning, experiencing, exploring, and the list goes on. 

Relying wholly on God, we are thriving and flourishing as a family of 5.  This blog will be this Momma's  venue to share the life and times of the Wells family as we grow in faith and service to God, advocate for adoption/orphan care, homeschool, and find adventure.  As my previous adoption blog-stalkers recall, it is always my goal to be honest and transparent. So prepare yourself for the good, great, even better, the bad, and the ugly...  we run the gamut and that is REAL LIFE!  The best thing about our family...  we know, love, adore, and worship the CREATOR and GIVER OF LIFE!  Praying our family and others are continually pointed towards God through this blog!

It's so great to be back!!!!!!

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