Friday, November 8, 2013 (Review) is internationally known as an online math program covering Pre-K through Algebra II/Geometry curriculum.  In fact, Pre-Calculus will be added soon.  It is all inclusive so your child is able to work systematically through the content without gaps.  However, you should know that is no longer just a math program.  An Online Language Arts Membership (2nd-4th) is now available. 

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Our family had the opportunity to review the Online Math Membership (PreK-12).  In working with, I decided to use the program purely as a review.  In the Math section, I had all three of my kids begin a grade level below, so Rachel worked through the Kindergarten questions and Jeremiah and Caleb the 2nd grade.  My idea was to give them early success with the program and identify any gaps or weaknesses. 

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Our use of did exactly as I hoped.  The kids performed well from the beginning, were able to revisit and refine subjects we had studied previously.  The program offers immediate positive reinforcement by identifying the answer is correct.  I have a couple kiddos who truly thrive upon and need this constant boost in confidence.  They would get excited when they would answer a whole series of questions correctly. 


A visit to the rewards board was always a treat for my kids.  They really seemed oblivious to the wording on the right explaining what the number of questions answered, what concepts were practiced, and what had been mastered, instead they were all about clicking the squares to reveal what reward they earned.  Then, as siblings do, they had to compare, "I got a seahorse, did you?"  "I got a teddy bear."  Also, don't fear that your child will be left out of the rewards if he or she is struggling to master a concept.  Awards are also earned based on the amount of time the child has practiced.  Everyone is a winner with a little effort.
IXL Awards and Games

I definitely want to note some fabulous components within the framework of the program.  First, the inclusion of a speaker icon in the Pre-K through 1st grade sections is incredibly helpful.  This allowed my emerging reader, Rachel, to work more autonomously.  She is still slow using the numeric keypad and needed to ask some clarifying questions about the tasks at times, but overall, worked with independence. 

Mom and Dad are kept in the loop.  Email updates contain progress reports.  At a glance, I could easily identify the kids strengths and weaknesses.  I knew what skills were mastered and knew where to really hone in and work  through trouble spots. 

The log-in process is simple and kid-friendly.  Each child was represented by their own icon, so no one accidentally worked in another's program.  If you have siblings, you know how important their personal space can be.  Plus, as a parent, I knew I was receiving reports on each child's individual work opposed to a collective family effort. 

IXL Family Reports

 Membership Costs:
  • Math only - $9.95 per month
  • Language Arts only - $9.95 per month
  • Both - $15.95 per month
  • Either Math or Language Arts - $79.00 per year
  • Both - $129.00 per year
  • Each additional child - $2 per month or $20 per year
I encourage you to read the experience of other homeschooling families with the iXL program.  You'll see that some families used only Math, others Language Arts, and some both.  As always, you can count on the crew members to share their honest opinions.

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